Patient Tips

Be involved in your care

Don’t be afraid to speak up, be involved or ask your physician questions during your appointment, or prior to treatment or a procedure. Before you leave the hospital, it is important that you understand your medications, symptoms for which to watch, diet, and when your next appointment is scheduled.

Avoid Readmission

There are specific steps you can take to avoid a readmission the next time you or a loved one is transitioned from the hospital to home. Follow these Seven Tips for Staying Out of the Hospital After You Leave.

Prevent Infections

Patients play an important role in receiving safer, infection-free care. Be an informed patient and an advocate for health care safety using available patient-safety resources, such as Infection Prevention for Consumers.

Prevent Falls

Serious falls can happen at home. Learn how to protect yourself and check the safety of your own home (Preventing Falls at Home).