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We believe in the power of information.

For more than a decade, participating hospitals have been publishing hospital quality, community benefit and economic impact data online. Participating hospitals were national leaders in the effort to publicly report infection data and hospital quality process measures. The effort continues to evolve and expand.

Focus on Hospitals is designed to help consumers explore pricing for participating hospital services, the quality of care delivered and how hospitals create value for the communities they serve. It’s a continuation of our conversation about improving hospital and health care and a commitment to the next step in helping consumers understand their health care services.

Hospitals care for all kinds of patients, each with different needs.

Evaluating the quality and safety of patient care can be confusing. There are many important factors that go into the quality of care provided by hospitals and doctors.  High quality care is important to you and to your caregivers.

With Focus on Hospitals, Missouri’s hospitals are sharing their quality measures related to infections, harm and return visits to hospitals. These are important measures of quality that hospitals continually work to improve.


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