Chronic Conditions

What Chronic Condition would you like to see?

Managing chronic diseases is a difficult task when multiple providers in multiple locations are involved. Keeping patients out of the hospital when it is not required is important not only to the patient and family members, but also hospital leaders. Chronic disease measures may be used as indicators of the coordination between the patient and primary care providers to ensure care is received at the most appropriate setting. Coordination of care potentially prevents a patient from being admitted to the hospital. These measures also are good indicators of the quality of health services within the community. Chronic conditions, such as heart disease and cancer, are the leading cause of health care usage. The preventable hospitalization measures are reported by county of residence, not the county where the care was received.

Hospitals in Missouri have made significant progress in reducing preventable hospitalizations throughout the last decade. For more than a decade, the quality and safety of health care has been an area of intense national focus. This has led to local, state and federal initiatives that assess and improve the quality of care across multiple care delivery venues.


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