Did You Know?

Quality Data

  • What is the Price and Quality Transparency Initiative?
  • Why is MHA pursuing the Price and Quality Transparency initiative?
  • Will this really have an effect on the quality of care provided?
  • What data is included in the Quality Transparency Initiative?
  • How often is the quality data reported?
  • Will all hospitals have all information reported?
  • Why do different websites have different values for quality of care?
  • How were these measures selected?
  • What factors may affect patients’ outcome of care?
  • Can you compare hospitals from different communities?
  • What do you mean when you say the data are “adjusted?”
  • What is the source of data for quality measures?
  • Do the state averages provide a comparison for all hospitals?
  • What is a critical access hospital (CAH)?
  • What is a pediatric hospital?

Pricing Data

  • What factors should I consider when choosing a hospital?
  • Why can’t I find the diagnosis or medical condition I’m looking for?
  • Why are ranges shown on the site?
  • What’s the difference between a charge and expected payment?
  • Why do hospital charges vary between hospitals?
  • Why is hospital billing so complex?
  • What’s the difference between Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance?
  • What is Medicare?
  • What is Medicaid?
  • What is commercial insurance?
  • I have commercial insurance. How much will I have to pay?
  • What does self-payment mean?
  • What if I don’t have insurance?
  • For what procedures is there price information?
  • What other information is listed for those procedures?
  • Is there a minimum threshold for price reporting?
  • How often is the price data reported?
  • How are number of cases per year determined?
  • Why are charges at pediatric hospitals different from other hospitals?

Community Investment Data

  • What is community benefit?
  • What is economic impact?
  • What is charity care?
  • What is bad debt?
  • What is uncompensated care?
  • What is unpaid costs of treating Medicare beneficiaries?
  • What is unpaid costs of treating Medicaid beneficiaries?
  • What are donations?
  • What is meant by “education of health professions?”